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    UP TO $500,000

    Kaloot helps grow your business By providing quick access to up to $ 500,000 per location.


    Repay using a fixed amount or with a Small percentage of future Credit card sales.


    Get qualified in 3 mins or less. Once approved, receive your funds in less than a week !


    Why partnering with tapp4food?

    We understand that many delivery apps promised to connect your business with more customers. Most of the time this I never happens. In fact, it looks like delivery apps pull people away from eating in as regular customer order directly from other restaurants. More people are using food delivery apps to order from restaurants during the pandemic. restaurant owners pay fees that averaged more than 40 percent on each sale to many of these app companies.

    Many restaurants are realizing that they are taking a loss on every order through the delivery apps, so those orders don’t make economic sense. Beyond the fees, many restaurants said they felt that delivery apps weren’t good partners. they found it difficult, for example, to reach delivery services to fix problems.

    Tapp4food is the alternative?

    First Tapp4food partners with the best delivery drivers in the industry. In fact drivers are our partners, they have personal stake in tapp4food, so a loyal network of professional drivers is what you get with tapp4food.

    Tapp4food gives you choice

    - 30-day free trial

    - A Zero-commission service. Keep your profits

    Our new merchant can choose to pay a much lesser fee than competitors charge on each order placed from tapp4food marketplace or Zero commission with a monthly or yearly subscription.

    Increase Customer Base- Increase growth

    Tapp4food marketing solutions is unique. Tapp4fod uses innovative approach to incentive all users that promote tapp4food marketplace, even merchant can take advantage of tapp4food promotions to entice returning customers.

    Lower merchant credit card processing

    Tapp4food partners with numerous financial institutions to bring much needed help with many local businesses, one of them is how merchants can lower their credit card processing costs and keep much money to the business.


    Tapp4food is not the typical platform that just connects customers to restaurants, and grocers with reliable and loyal delivery drivers. Tapp4food is also about connecting merchants to financial institutions to acquire/gain capital to sustain their business and keep their door open. As the pandemic is becoming more of a concern to many restaurants and groceries, businesses are losing money, less people are dining in and more people are staying home to have their food delivered. Meanwhile, delivery app companies are thriving as they charge business owners as high as 40%. At Tapp4food, we want to look out for our struggling merchants. Reach out to us today to become a partner and get the funds you need!


    “We are the delivery drivers! we are the ones who deliver your foods to you at home when you can’t pick it up from your local diner and grocers.

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