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    How do I update my account information?

    In order to make changes to your Tapp4food account profile, you will be required to validate your ownership of the account through our 2-Step Verification process. This process will be the same on both the Tapp4food website and the app. You can update the following personal information:

    - First Name

    - Last Name

    - Email address

    - Country (web only)

    - Password (will require to enter your new password again and the old password)

    - Update your notification preferences

    Follow the steps below to update your account profile.

    - Web: Log into your Tapp4food Account. Click on the Menu on the top left corner

    - Scroll down to the name of your account (usually your first name)

    - Edit the fields you would like to update, Click on Save

    - Verify your information through the 2 Factor Authentication process

    - App: Log into your Tapp4food Account; Navigate to the Account section

    - Click on the name of the account (usually your first and last name)

    - Click on the field you would like to update

    - Click on Done.

    - Click on Save.

    - Verify your information through the 2 Factor Authentication process

    - 2-Step Verification Help

    If you are having issues updating your account profile or you no longer have access to the phone number or email address of your account, we recommend that you create a new Tapp4food account with the correct information.


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