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    Becoming a TAPP4FOOD distributor?

    With the largest on-demand network in the industry, you can explore your city, find its hidden hotspots,and watch as we bring your new favorite right to your door

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    App store

    Individuals can join other independent TAPP4FOOD distributors from across the world by starting their own personalized on demand mobile shopping and delivery service business. A TAPP4FOOD business is easy to operate, requires a low investment and offers the potential for a significant return if you utilize the tools, tips and techniques that we provide and dedicate the time and effort, just as you would for any other business.

    As a distributor, you promote the TAPP4FOOD brand, you recruit and sell the service to potential customers, you can refer other potential distributors to help you expand your business outreach and create more financial pool.

    What you need:

    1) Register, own your franchise, Build your team.

    2) Earn thousands every week.

    3) Work at home, on your car, anywhere just point customers to us.

    4) Refer and help a family to our service.


      Why Become A Store With Loopz?

      Grow your business

      Get new customers to order groceries every day.

      Work on your own terms

      Put a price on your products that earns your profits, add and update your inventory any time.

      Business Tools

      Get business tools like online payment and invoicing.

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